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Here’s One Piece Of Technology Apple Is Too Busy To Design. Eat Your Heart Out, Smartphones!

Three digital media students from Stockholm, Sweden have created the world's simplest and most genius communication tool: the iCan Phone! As much as we...

50 People Were Asked To Walk Into A Room Filled With Balloons. The Result Will Change Your Day.

When 50 people walked into a room filled with balloons, none of them could guess the lesson they were about to learn. A simple...

Meet The 5-Foot-Tall, 24-Year-Old Woman Who Just Crushed The American Ninja Warrior Course. You Go, Girl!

Kacy Catanzaro is a 24-year-old athlete from San Antonio, Texas, standing at an even 5 feet tall. She shocked the entire universe by becoming...

It’s Been 30 Years Since Scientists Have Seen This Ocean Phenomenon. What It Is Totally Freaked Me Out.

A group of graduate students have taken stunning video of the biggest school of fish seen in decades. According to marine biologists, 30 years...

Second Grade Kid Changes His Ways And Proves There’s A Way To Stop Bullying

Cameron Thompson was once a little bully, picking on a kid who was different from himself. "I struggle to make good choices at times,"...

The Only Celebrity Account On Instagram Worth Following: Michael Bublé.

There are a lot of celebrities in the world worth following if you want to induce your own jealousy and materialism, but there's one...

Morning Challenge: How To Put Pants On Without Using Your Hands.

If you think that getting into your pants in the morning is a difficult task, wait till you see what this man does. He...

Holy Schlitterbahn Update: Someone Rode The World’s Tallest Waterslide So You Don’t Have To.

When Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts first announced their triumphant installation of the world's tallest waterslide, we couldn't wait to get the full first person...

Ever Wonder Why Doing Something “Like A Girl” Is An Insult? Let’s Change That.

Always recently asked a group of adults and teens to act out what it means to do something "like a girl." Their animated and...

Meet Rudi Rok. His 30 Animal Impressions Are So Real, It’s Zoo-per Cool!

Rudi Rok is a Finnish comedian and beatboxer who happens to have more than just beats in his arsenal. You'll think that this is...

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