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The Only Celebrity Account On Instagram Worth Following: Michael Bublé.

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There are a lot of celebrities in the world worth following if you want to induce your own jealousy and materialism, but there’s one celebrity Instagram account you need to follow…right now.

Michael Bublé and his friends post the best photos and videos in the Western world. Why are they the best? How’s this?

Michael and his band perform “Blame It On The Boogie” by the Jackson 5 backstage while holding his insanely adorable son

The band sings “Brown Eyed Girl” to a little brown eyed girl

He sings “You Are My Sunshine” with two street musicians and no one notices he’s there

He plays homage to Patsy Cline with this impromptu version of “Crazy”

When on tour in Italy, this is how everyone warms up

And he’s one of the coolest dads ever


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