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Snapshots Of The Cutest Little Boy And Puppy Napping Will Make Heart Sing! They’re Adorable!

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Theo and Beau are the internet puppy and kid combo that have turned the world into an “aww” machine. When Beau’s mom, Jessica Shyba, first put photos of the two cuties napping together it spread like wildfire. But now? There are live, in living color Vines that capture even more of the most adorable and innocent moments of unconditional love ever to hit your screen. You’ll try to resist thinking these two aren’t heartbreakingly perfect, but they are. Just go with it, smile and enjoy!

Beau & Theo. The infallible napping duo.


They’re even wonderful when they’re awake!


You can see all of Jessica’s Vine videos here, and follow her on Twitter. CREDITS: Buzzfeed via Jessica Shyba.

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