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Vaping in the News: Study Shows Vaping Trend Has Taken a New Direction

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ecigaratteThe government of most countries have restricted the marketing on many vaping products, dictating how they could be advertised; providing guidelines to many vaping companies and stores wishing to sell the products. However, the strict marketing has not limited or lessened the sales of e-cigarettes and they have become incredibly popular. However, the rise in vaping is somewhat shocking due to unusual developments after conducting research.

Below is a detailed journey of vaping through research and surveys, ultimately concluding the unusual direction it has taken within our society and culture.

Previous Statistics Blamed on Limited Questions and Responses

In a new study conducted by public health researchers from San Diego University, team leader John Ayers and colleagues sought to analyze exactly why the e-cigarettes and vaping trend was exploding around the globe. It seemed as though previous surveys weren’t telling the whole story because answers were limited to multiple choice or simple yes and no check boxes.

The team sought to delve deeper into the vaping trend to see exactly why most people picked up that device to vape. In the survey, they sought to look at exactly what vapers were saying rather than responding to a limited number of questions, which led to inconclusive results.

New Survey Tells the Whole Story Thanks to Social Media

While companies like auster.com, distributors of high-quality e-liquids, probably could have told the San Diego University team what they needed to know, it wasn’t until the survey was complete that the real answer why most people vape began to emerge. Why do so many people subscribe to high-quality vape from companies like Auster? The answer was staring researchers right in the face! It is now simply trendy to vape. That’s it in a nutshell!

Researchers found a way to analyze what vapers were saying, without limiting them to predefined questions and answers, by looking at more than three million Tweets over a four-year period from 2012 to 2015. The Tweets were public and by monitoring what people were actually saying, the team could get a more realistic picture on just why vaping has become so popular.

Conclusion: Vaping Is the New Social Trend

In the PLOS ONE Journal, which was published on March 1, 2017, the team cited that their findings strongly indicate that most people vape simply because it’s the new social ‘cool.’ Vaping is seen as a status symbol and if you vape, you are probably part of the ‘in crowd.’

According to the results, social image is gaining strength with each subsequent survey. People are beginning to vape because it is a trend, and as more people start doing it, others are watching them and becoming easily persuaded into buying their own vape, and joining the ranks of their fashionable peers.

Another reason for choosing to vape are being able to vape indoors, whether that be in a family home, friend’s house or public place. The ease of bringing out a vape without getting up and walking outside, is far more appealing that lighting up a cigarette out in the cold.

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