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Top 3 Exercise Activities for Older Adults

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It’s important to stay active and have fun at any age. Have you always lived an active lifestyle but need to adjust the intensity of your routine? Or are you pursuing a new interest in physical fitness but wondering where to start?

We’ve got ideas for recreational activities that will boost your physical and mental well-being. Consider these top three exercise activities for older adults.

1. Water Sports

Exercising in the water improves your cardiovascular health, helps you build muscles, and improves your flexibility. If you have mobility issues due to joint and muscle pain, you might find that the water makes it easier for you to move. That’s because water can relieve stress in your joints and muscles as you become buoyant.

If you’re interested in water sports, consider swimming and water aerobics. You can swim freely, and both options are popular activities to do with a class.

2. Pickleball: a Net and Ball Game

Net and ball games such as ping-pong, tennis, and badminton are fun no matter your skill level, and pickleball combines elements of each of these games! Pickleball is a low-impact game that’s gentle on your joints without sacrificing cardio benefits or fun.

This game can be played indoors and outside. A pickleball net is two inches lower than a tennis net, and you hit a soft ball with the pickleball paddle, which is larger than a ping pong paddle.

Pickleball is played on a small court that makes it easy for you to socialize with others as you play. This is a great game to play with friends or family.

3. Tai Chi

The final top exercise activity for older adults to consider is tai chi. This gentle activity uses stretching, movement, and meditation to address your total health. You can do the exercises at your own pace, and many communities have tai chi meetings in parks and other public spaces.

Tai chi can help improve your mood, promote better sleep, and reduce your risk of falling. If you want to reduce your stress and anxiety and address your physical needs, this might be the perfect exercise for you.

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