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Customization Tips for Your Guitar

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One of the most essential elements of music is the individuality of the performers. Creative expression is a cornerstone of the industry, and this extends to the instruments playing the tunes. A popular way many musicians choose to convey this freedom is by decorating their guitars. While there are many different ways to do this, some options can result in damage. Here are our favorite safe customization tips for your guitar.


A long-standing tradition of punk rockers and angsty teens everywhere, adding stickers to your guitar is the ultimate expression of individualism. When placing the stickers or decals, remember that they often leave a residue when peeled away, so be sure you are happy with the sticker and the placement before applying it.

Marker Drawings

For many musicians, their tunes aren’t their only form of creative expression. Artwork often goes hand-in-hand with music, and you can turn that ability toward the body of your guitar. Marker drawings, either free-hand or with stencils, add a personalized touch that separates your instrument from those of your peers.

Guitar Strap

What’s interesting about guitar straps is how you can consider them a form of customization or an accessory based on your perspective. No matter what view you choose, a guitar strap is another great way to further express your inner-self. Made from different materials and featuring a near-endless number of designs, it’s easy to see why musicians are often particular about their preferred strap.


With so many different varieties of picks, it’s easy to accidentally pick one that will scratch and dent the body of your guitar. One of the best methods for preventing this from occurring is to adhere or replace a pickguard. There are many different color and design options to match whatever look you desire.

Custom Tuning Pegs

At the end of our customization tips for your guitar are custom tuning pegs. This is a relatively simple upgrade, often requiring only new pegs, new strings, and a screwdriver. Tuning pegs come in a variety of materials and color options to match the rest of your instrument. It’s important to remember that the tuning pegs influence your playing, so go with higher-quality options whenever possible.

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