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5 Ways To Make Growing Old Just As Incredible As Being Young!

Human beings are like wine and cheese...you know the rest, the older we get, the better we become. Here are 5 ways to keep...

Couple Married For 50 Years Are The Definition Of Unconditional Love Through Life’s Toughest Battles.

Glad has Alzheimer's. Her husband, Bill, takes care of her the way only unconditional love can provide. A video by CVCNOW, which produces creative...

A Disabled Man Wears A Costume In The Middle Of A Busy City. How People Treat Him Will Surprise You…Until He Takes Off The...

Pro Infirmis, an organization that works and supports disabled persons and their families conducted an experiment with a disabled man named Fabian and a...

Couples Married For Over 500 Years Combined Reveal Their Secrets To A Happy Marriage. Everyone In Love Should See These.

Marriage. Not for the easily rattled or the non-committal. These couples below have been married for than 500 years combined, and they have some...

They Make Up 160 Years On Earth And She Is Legally Blind, But That Doesn’t Stop Ted And Lucienne From Dancing To Keep Themselves...

Lucienne is 90. Legally blind as well. Ted, her partner, is 70 years old. Together they dance to the song "Sunnyside", and not only...

What This 10-Year-Old Wants Most In Life Is So Profound My Kids Were Speechless.

Mark is one of 28,000 homeless kids in Orange County, California. While homelessness means there are many things he has to go without, he...

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