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Couples Married For Over 500 Years Combined Reveal Their Secrets To A Happy Marriage. Everyone In Love Should See These.

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Marriage. Not for the easily rattled or the non-committal. These couples below have been married for than 500 years combined, and they have some advice they’d like to share for newlyweds, or those that could use some tips on how to stick together with the person you love through every kind of circumstance and situation. Through thick and thin, good and bad, and every cliché in between, here are some beautiful words of advice from those that have been there, and gotten through that.

Jenny and Manny DaSilva, 65 years: “When you go to bed at night, it doesn’t matter how angry or sad you are, you don’t have to say anything but you always, always touch toes. Just a little reminder that I’m here and I still love you no matter what.”


Mary and John McFeely, 60 years: “Tell [your wife] she’s beautiful every day and no matter how old you get, how sore your ‘ol bones feel, or how many teeth you lose, slow dance with and kiss [your wife] every chance you get. You never know when you won’t be able to again.”


Ummugul and Fikri Tatlici, 62 years: “Do not hold grudges. Forget, forgive and remember how you fell in love in the first place.”


Robert and Bernadine Higgins, 61 years: “Never hang wallpaper together.”


Vito and Dee Dee Lonero, 54 years: “I let him be the boss for the first 50 years, now I get the next 50. It’s even.”


Robert and Laura Wilkinson, 57 years: “Forget how society views marriage today. We were always in it for the long run.”


Helen and Joseph Pfeifer, 57 years: “Always kiss before bed, even if you’re angry. It’s what you’ll miss the most.”


Agnes and Harry Hutfles, 60 years: “You give and you give and you give.”


Jean and Paul Vagianos, 30 years: “Two things: Find your best friend and marry them. And weekend mornings are made for hours of talking and laughing over coffee.”


At the end of the day love and being true to your love is not always easy, but it’s completely worth it. These awesome (and funny) words of advice need to be shared, so send it to your loved ones and brighten their day 🙂

CREDITS: Huffington Post

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