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Rise Through the Ranks: How to Quickly Advance in Your Career

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It takes more than ambition to rise through the ranks in your career. If you want to obtain promotion after promotion and increase your annual salary continually, you must find ways to open up many doors and reach your professional goals.

To feed your determination and ensure your success in your chosen industry, make sure to check out the following advice on how to quickly advance in your career.

Talk to Your Boss

If you are serious about obtaining a promotion, you must speak to your employer to communicate your ambition and share your goals. To do so, book some time in their diary to sit down and discuss your career in the business. While your sought-after role might not be available at the moment, they might instantly think of you when a position or promotion arises.

Take Risks

Don’t allow fear to hold you back in your career. You will not know your capabilities until you take big and small risks, so apply for a new job or ask for a promotion. While a door might close in your face from time to time, it could eventually lead to you securing a better job with an improved salary in the future.

Grow Your Skillset

If you lack the knowledge and skills to climb the career ladder, consider embarking on a training course to secure a promotion or brand-new position. For example, turn to a respectable training provider to embark on a leadership and management or business support services course.

Be Someone People Want to Work With

Going above and beyond for both your employer and colleagues will help you to display kindness, passion, and integrity in a business. You also should take an interest in their personal lives so that you can develop a friendly relationship.

Not only will this prove that you work well with others, but your co-workers could eventually rise through the ranks in their own careers – and they will definitely remember you when climbing the corporate ladder. Becoming a person people want to work with will, therefore, make it easier for you to progress in your career, so try to make as many friends as possible on your way up – and continue to be supportive to your subordinates.

Regularly Ask for Feedback

Don’t allow your weaknesses to hold you back in your career. If you want to excel, ask your employer and co-workers for feedback regarding your skills, demeanor, strengths and weaknesses. You also must accept any constructive criticism with a gracious attitude.

Doing so will help you to eliminate your shortcomings and build on your strong points so that you could become the perfect candidate for a bigger and better role.

Understand Your Industry

Business owners want to promote knowledgeable, hard-working members of staff. Prove you are the best candidate for a role by learning your industry inside and out. So, read industry textbooks and articles so that you can establish yourself as an expert to your employer, colleagues and customers.

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