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What career path is best for empathic people?

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Being an empathetic person can be difficult. You are able to read a room, able to tell if something is wrong or right instantly. However, you probably feel as though your talents are wasted on your office job, and therefore you are feeling unfulfilled as a person. This can be something that most find to be exhausting and stressful.

So, you might want to consider a change of career path, to something more fulfilling and far more focused on your strengths. 

This means that you might want to consider going into teaching

Teaching might be the ideal career for empathic people, as it is a good fit for your many traits. Not only that, but a certain area of teaching that you might find to be perfect as an empathetic person is a younger children’s teacher.

For this, it is essential that you have an early childhood education certificate, which you can earn at a university. This can be something that can help you play to your strengths and allow you to feel rewarded in your career path. However, being a young child’s teacher isn’t always fun and games. You are going to need a wide range of skills as well as empathy to help you make the most of your job and help the children out to the best standard that you possibly can. Here is what you will need: 

You are going to need all the right knowledge

To begin with, you are going to need to gain all the right knowledge. This isn’t just so you can help make lessons that little bit more interesting, but it is also so you can help parents if they approach you with concerns about their children or if they are asking for extra help. You are going to need to have the knowledge to be able to teach a class and be able to manage them, while they make amazing progress and memories in your care. 

You will need to have a personable personality 

You are going to need to be personable and chatty. Not only will this help you with getting to know other teachers, but it will also help you to be easier to open up to. If you are open with people, they are likely to be open with you. This goes for parents as well as kids. You will be their first port of call within the school, especially if they have concerns. Your personality will play a large part in how your class acts around you and how much the parents trust you. 

You will have to be very observant

As a teacher of younger children, you are going to have to be very observant of changes in behavior. How they act in the classroom will often hint at problems both inside and outside school, and as a teacher, the responsibility falls on you to help them if things are getting difficult, or kids are getting hurt due to another’s behavior

All in all an empath’s skills are tailor made for the classroom, and might be the most fulfilling thing you do in your entire working life.

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