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Most Common Eye Problems And Diseases You Need To Know

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Eye diseases
Eye diseases

It used to be thought that poor sight was always going to be a common problem and that most people who had good eyesight when young would lose it as they got older. Now it’s understood that most eye problems can be corrected and that eye diseases can usually be treated if caught early. This makes it all the more important to get regular check-ups from an optician. One of the biggest problems in eye health today is lack of public awareness about common problems and how they can be treated.

Short sightedness

The single most common eye problem early in life is short sightedness. It’s usually present from birth, but babies quickly find ways to work around it, so if it’s only mild it may be difficult to spot. This can cause difficulties when children get to school and being able to see at a distance becomes educationally and socially important. Glasses are the simplest solution but as people get older they often prefer to switch to contact lenses as these have less of an impact on their appearance. Laser surgery is also an option and is now very safe and effective.

Long sightedness

Long sightedness is sometimes present from birth but often develops later in life. The first thing many people notice is that they find it harder to focus when reading, shaving or putting on make-up. The same corrective options exist for long sightedness as for short sightedness, but where glasses are concerned, bifocal lenses are often the preferred option. These become particularly important when people suffer from long and short sightedness at the same time, which is more common than is generally understood.


As people age they face an increased risk of developing cataracts. Some forms of medication or inherited health problems can occasionally lead to this happening earlier in life. People with cataracts find that they are easily dazzled and struggle to focus clearly at any point. Eventually this disease can lead to blindness, but it’s surprisingly easy to treat. When it comes to cataract surgery, Denver is a good place to be, as laser surgery is available locally. The cataract is simply and painlessly burned away, after which vision should return to normal.


Another eye disease that is more common with age is glaucoma. This affects the optic nerve that carries signals from the eye to the brain, so the eye can still focus but the brain doesn’t get a clear picture of what it’s seeing. The outer edges of the field of vision tend to disappear first. Treatment can’t repair the damage but can clear fluid from the eye, preventing it from getting worse and also getting rid of the soreness and headaches that many sufferers experience.

All of these common problems can be easily identified during a routine check-up, so annual visits to the eye doctor really are worth it. With proper care, most people will be able to enjoy a satisfying level of vision right through until the end of their days.

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