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5 Exercises To Try When Recovering From an Injury

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Injuries can be frustrating setbacks on your fitness journey. Thankfully, you can exercise while recovering in order to retain some of your progress. Here are five exercises to try when recovering from an injury without putting too much strain on yourself.

Elliptical Workouts

One strategy you can follow during your recovery is using an elliptical trainer. Some ways elliptical workouts help with injury rehabilitation include providing a low-impact cardio workout. By mimicking your body’s natural movements, ellipticals provide smooth resistance for your muscles while minimizing the burden on your joints.


Swimming is another fantastic exercise to try when recovering from an injury. During this low-impact exercise, the water supports your body and minimizes strain. Swimming also improves your cardiovascular endurance and mobility while being gentle on your body.


Yoga offers various health benefits, from increased flexibility and balance to stress relief and mental clarity. While recovering from an injury, yoga can restore your strength and mobility while fostering a mindful connection to your body. Choose a gentle, restorative style of yoga that emphasizes relaxation and slow, mindful movements.


Walking is another low-impact exercise that can benefit your recovery. It doesn’t require special equipment, and you can easily tailor your walks to your recovery stage. Regular walking can also improve your cardiovascular endurance and mood.


Incorporating a stretching routine into your recovery plan can loosen up tight muscles and keep you flexible. Stretching also relieves tension, improves blood flow, and promotes relaxation. Consult your healthcare professional to identify which stretches are safe for you to do based on your injury.

With these five exercises, you can explore ways to stay fit while giving your body the time off it needs to heal. Remember to seek guidance from your physician before engaging in these exercises, and always listen to your body so you don’t risk any further injury or discomfort.

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