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This Woman Makes A Cake On A New York City Subway. The Reason Why She’s Doing It Is Amazing.

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What would you do if you felt that your neighborhood needed to express more community? Would you go into the center of town and make a cake while people passed you by? That’s exactly what this woman did on the subway in New York City. Her reason for making a cake and passing out slices to fellow riders was simple: I feel like we need more communion. And so she went about establishing that belief in a very unique way. Use the time stamps below to navigate through to video, and if you can’t watch there are pictures of the moments you have to see!

She begins frosting the cake and, to be expected, people wonder what the heck she’s doing.



Piping on some decoration. We find out in the video that she is in culinary school. So, at least it’s good cake!


She’s asked why she’s doing it. “Is it for a project or something?”


A man hesitates to ask before requesting a small slice.




0:53 she pulls out the cake she’s (presumably) made and begins frosting it while on the moving subway.

6:03 she outs the finishing decorations on the cake

6:27 cutting of the cake begins

6:45 a young gentleman asks for a slice

6:58 she explains the reason why she did it

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