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Did You Know That Women Make Up 1 In 10 Engineers? This Toy Is About To Change That.

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According to Forbes “less than 20 percent of bachelor’s degrees in computer science go to women, even though female graduates hold 60 percent of all bachelor’s degrees.” And although women fill close to 50% of all the jobs in the U.S. economy, less than 25% hold jobs in the field of STEM. GoldieBlox hopes to change all of that. The “Toy For Future Innovators” strives to get girls excited about engineering, construction, science and technology in a way no other toy marketed specifically to young girls has.

And in just 2 minutes, this fantastically-awesome video shows how incredible STEM can be! Check it out yourself!

CREDITS: Original commercial provided by GoldieBlox. GoldieBlox is currently one of four finalists in the running to win a commercial spot that will air during the SuperBowl.

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