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A Cheetah Jumps Onto A Car Filled With Tourists. What He Does To The First Passenger Is Shocking (In The Coolest Way Ever)!

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Imagine you’re on a safari in the northern Serengeti, Tanzania when one of the locals greets you by jumping onto the hood of the buggy you’re in. According to the guide, Lee Whittam, the young male cheetah was looking for prey and turned his attention to the front passenger (Lee) when he realized there was no ‘prey’ in sight…thankfully.


 Lee said it was the first time in 21 years as a guide that this had ever happened to him. ‘But once we’d recovered from the initial shock we enjoyed the extremely close views and inquisitive looks from this young male as he sniffed, licked and chewed bits of the vehicle that intrigued him,’ Lee told the Daily Mail.


 Wildlife inhabiting places where tours often travel through become accustomed to humans, thus this encounter being potentially less dangerous than one with a predator that had never met face-to-face with humans. The most incredible part of the entire documentation, however, was when the cheetah reached out and gently pawed Lee’s hand. Look at those claws!!!!








cheetah2The cheetah had enough of exploring the humans on a safari, and left the group to continue their travels. Luckily, there were pictures to prove it 🙂


Source: Daily Mail


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