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Facebook Time Machine: Find Out How Many Days You’ve Wasted On Facebook.

TIME magazine's tech page put together this fascinating calculator that, with the click of a button, will tell you how much time you've lost...

Time Warp: A Report From 1981 Attempts To Predict Online News And The Future Of The Internet.

It's crazy to try and wrap your mind around a time when people were predicting what the internet would make possible. Now that it's...

This Deaf Football Player Was Picked On, Picked Last And Told To Quit. He Played On…All The Way To The NFL. Meet Derrick Coleman.

Derrick Coleman is a game away from being in the Super Bowl with his team, The Seattle Seahawks. Seattle is known as the hardest...

Born Deaf, She Never Thought She’d Hear…Then This Happened. Luckily, Someone Filmed It.

Imagine going 29 years without ever hearing your voice. Now imagine your reaction. This is better than that. CREDITS: The original poster and woman featured...

Did You Know That Women Make Up 1 In 10 Engineers? This Toy Is About To Change That.

According to Forbes "less than 20 percent of bachelor’s degrees in computer science go to women, even though female graduates hold 60 percent of...

A Google Chairman Just Gave An Interview Predicting Trends In 2014, And It’s Fascinating.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt gives us his big ideas up-and-coming in the year 2014. Some of the things he says are pretty mind-blowing, but...

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