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Look Up: The MOST Important Video You’ll See All Month…

Must read

Co-Founder of Inspire52. A writer, musician, content creator, and data analyst at heart.

The last time we saw a video this profound, it changed how we drive – this one will change how you use technology. We see hundreds of videos a day here at Inspire52, only a handful make the cut to be published on our site, and of those, even fewer make the daily newsletter. This is not only worthy of your time, but it has the power to make you stop and think and change your behavior.

At the time of publishing this story 45 million people had viewed this spoken word film about Looking Up from your phone before you miss out on your life. Told through the lens of a love story that didn’t happen because we never Look Up from our phones – this is a MUST SEE video. It will profoundly change how you view technology.

Source: YouTube

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