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Dad Life: How To Strengthen the Bond With Your Sons

Growing closer to your kids can be challenging as a dad, but it's not impossible. Click here for some ways dads can strengthen their bond with their sons.

Two Husbands Do Something Incredible For Their Wives…Experience Simulated Labor Pains.

If you haven't experienced labor pains, you just don't really know how painful it really is. It's unlike anything you've ever felt before and...

Thai Commercial Reminds Us There Are Some Things Technology Can Never Replace. Love Is One Of Them.

A mobile service provider in Thailand, DTAC, created this emotional spot with the help of Y&R to remind people of the simple fact that...

Hate Your Husband’s Style? Show Him This Immediately!

You know the triangle butt, the saggy frontal area and the beer belly belt loop? Fear no more! Dockers and the Harbaughs team up...

Ed Sheeran; Cab Driver Convinces Pop Superstar To Release A Clean Album. He Agrees.

Pop artist Ed Sheeran admitted that his newly released (and very successful) new album was going to contain profanity. That was until a cab...

Dad Screaming On Roller Coaster = Unbelievably Hilarious! “Never Again Grace! Never Again!”

This dad screaming is THE definitive theme park ride video. You will NOT be able to watch this without laughing out loud and feeling...

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