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Ed Sheeran; Cab Driver Convinces Pop Superstar To Release A Clean Album. He Agrees.

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Pop artist Ed Sheeran admitted that his newly released (and very successful) new album was going to contain profanity. That was until a cab driver politely asked that Sheeran leave the cursing to the birds because his daughter is a fan. At least one song on his album, “Don’t,” contained the f word. He still sings the word in concert, but the album version excludes it. “My whole album is clean,” Sheeran wrote on Twitter. “I took all of the explicit lyrics out after a taxi driver convinced me to do it for his daughter. That’s the truth.”

Songs from X will be released to iTunes all next week prior to the entire album becoming available on June 23rd. The song “Don’t” is number one in 24 countries now.

Lesson? Remember all those listening and absorbing your words. While Sheeran’s vocabulary choices are up to him, it’s good to know that an artist is willing to listen and implement the advice of a regular parent.



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