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Stray Cat Sneaks Into Zoo Exhibit With A Predator. The Next Thing That Happened Has Shocked The World.

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A stray calico looking for some food in a Russian zoo found her way into an animal enclosure. It wouldn’t be a story at all if it wasn’t for the fact that the cat ended up with a European Lynx.


Hold your breath! Nothing bad happens. The lynx completely took to the cat…although I’m still a little worried something may happen in the next photo.


For some time she (all calicos are female) visited her new best friend daily. When the zookeepers found out about the friendship, rather than turning the stray out, they officially adopted her and allow the best friends to live together.

37472348972BEST FRATS FOREVER. (Frats = friend cats)

Source: YouTube H/T Love Meow

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