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9 Snowman Ideas So Creative You’ll Wish For Snow!

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This winter has been pretty abysmal, but where one looks for a silver lining one can usually find it. Or something like that. We decided to put together a list of the world’s most creative and best snowmen. It made us appreciate the dark cloud that is plowing your driveway. Now you can do it in style!

1. Gone Fishin’ Snowmanenhanced-buzz-31581-1359146957-2

2. Punk Rock Snowman   punk-rock-snowman-by-robertfrancis-thumb-395x594

3. Le “Français” Snowmanfrench-snowman-with-mustache-by-stigeredoo-thumb-395x527

4. Solo Cup Snowmanfun-snowman-face-by-jcarwash31-thumb-395x526

5. Weight-Lifting Snowmanenhanced-buzz-31436-1359147112-5

6. Napping Snowmanenhanced-buzz-10273-1359148449-0

7.  Handstand Snowman. Namaste.enhanced-buzz-25051-1359146716-3

8.  Snow Angel Snowman.5add4aea50f64d2de419cabf727b3bf4

9.  Mailbox Snowman1b2d260ed098844c9d8d4c707b43af21

We know you don’t have time to make an entire Snowman Apocalypse…but wouldn’t you love to stumble upon one?  So fun!  😉



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