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After Losing His Wife Of 75 Years, Fred Wrote Her A Love Song. He Never Expected Professional Musicians To Record It. Prepare Yourself…It’s Absolutely Beautiful.

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A local music studio in Illinois decided to run a singer-songwriter contest and asked for online submissions. They never expected to receive a Letter From Fred. Fred is 96-years-old and he wrote a love song for his late wife Lorraine. They were married 75 years.

At 1:35 the studio owner explains why Fred’s entry was so moving. At 2:47 Fred describes how he wrote the song a month after his wife of 75 years passed away. Grab your kleenex. 5:44, Fred hears this beautiful love song for the first time. As if it couldn’t get any more profound at 8:04 Fred says something so poignant about life and how fast the time goes by. You’ll want to reach through the screen and hug him.

CREDITS: Green Shoe Studio in East Peoria, Illinois made this produced this incredible song written by Fred. Check out the record Fred broke on the Billboard Hot 100.

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