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Your Living Room: A Guide to Adding the Finishing Touches

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Your living room is where your family spends a significant portion of their time, so it’s no wonder why you want it to be the warmest and most welcoming room in the house. Once you have furnished it, it will be time to add all of those all-important finishing touches. Here is a helpful guide to getting it right.

The fireplace

No living room is complete without a traditional fireplace. You will have a number of different options to choose from based on the existing look and feel of the room. For example, Stonewoods.co.uk offers a vast selection of antique fireplaces, reproduction fireplaces, and a wide range of modern mantels to suit your tastes and your budget.

Luxurious comforts

While you might want it to come across as stylish and sophisticated, the most important aspect of a living room is that it feels cozy. The good news is that it is easy to maximize the coziness factor with a few strategic purchases. Think faux fur throws and blankets, plush cushions, and woolen area rugs. Basically, any item or accessory boasting a soft to the touch appearance is sure to work in your favor.

Painting the walls

The color of the walls of your living room will play a huge role in transforming it into the pretty paradise that you envision. You can go one of two ways here. Firstly, you may opt to paint the walls in a color that is currently trending, such as classic blue, or you may decide to go for those colors that are traditionally used to ignite feelings of contentment and happiness, such as toned down yellows or neutral warm browns.

You can also decide to get a bit more creative and pair two colors together for a multitone effect or paint the walls in the trendy abstract style that currently has interior designers talking.

The lighting

Lighting goes a long way when it comes to adding the finishing touches to your living room. You need to find that perfect balance between ‘not too bright’ and ‘not too dim.’ Also, be sure to spend a bit extra on LED lighting so that you can enjoy the energy-saving benefits for many months and years to come.

Customizing the space

It is important that your family living room feels like your own. You will want it to act as a representation of who you all are and give guests some insight into this. As such, don’t hesitate to personalize it in any way possible.

For example, you could hang a stunning family portrait in pride of place above the mantel, or you could create an artistic canvas display of your favorite family snaps. Another great idea is to have your throw pillow covers made using family photos or a gorgeous quilt crafted in the same way.

Savor every moment of finishing off your laid-back family space, and every moment spent with your loved ones inside it.

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