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4 Reasons to Visit Scotland as Soon as You Can

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While the lockdown may have put a stop to international travel for now, many people are planning their bucket lists along with big trips for the future. One country that is popular on travel wish lists is Scotland, as it combines natural beauty with culture and history, making it a fascinating place to visit. Here are some reasons to book your vacation to Scotland as soon as you can.

Millions of People Have Scottish Heritage

Many Americans visit Scotland to trace their heritage. In the 18th and 19th century, it was common for Scottish people to move to the USA, and nowadays it’s estimated about 8 million Americans are of Scottish ancestry. Find your clan and you may be able to trace your family tree back centuries when you visit Scotland.

There’s a Huge Range of Sightseeing Opportunities

No matter what type of travel you enjoy, from city breaks to country retreats, there are things to do in Scotland. Some of the most popular sightseeing spots include:

  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Loch Ness
  • Loch Lomond
  • Ben Nevis
  • The Isle of Skye
  • Glasgow Cathedral

It’s impossible to fit all the amazing sites of Scotland into one trip, so most people make their own itinerary with a few days in a city and a few days in the countryside, giving you the best of both worlds.

You’ll Recognize Lots of Sights from TV and Movies

Seeing Scotland in a movie or TV show is often a motivation to visit the country. From Braveheart to The Wicker Man, lots of iconic stories have been captured across Scotland. At the moment, the hit show Outlander has inspired many people to finally make the trip. If you want to see where Jamie and Claire’s epic romance is set and want to feel like a laird or lady in historic castles, you can take a tour of Outlander filming locations, which is also an interesting way of learning about Jacobite history and more.

The Food and Drink are Hearty and Satisfying

Scotland isn’t exactly famed for its cuisine and most people aren’t keen on trying dishes like haggis, but there’s more to Scotland than offal. The food scene in Scotland has improved a lot in recent years, making the most of the fresh ingredients on offer, and there are many Scottish dishes you have to try, from locally caught lobsters to cured meats and cheeses.

A trip to Scotland wouldn’t be complete without a wee dram of whiskey, and even if you aren’t keen on spirits, it’s worth visiting one of the distilleries to learn the history of the drink. Gin is also made across Scotland, with lots of distillers creating small batches of amazing gin that you can sample.

Scotland has a little something for everyone, whether you’re planning a culinary retreat, want to trace your clan’s history or immerse yourself in Scotland’s culture. Don’t put it off any longer. If you’ve been inspired to visit Scotland, book your trip as soon as you can.

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