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4 Little-Known Places to Find Inspiration This Fall

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(All From Newark Liberty International Airport!)

It’s looking more and more likely that travel will be restricted for a while to come yet. Summer vacations have been put on hold, and everyone’s wondering when life will get back to normal, not to mention what normal will look like after this crisis.

It’s times like these that can really make one despair; mental health worries can spiral, and it can feel a little bit like you’re getting cabin fever. Have no fear though: we’re here to bring you some ideas for an inspirational getaway this fall, all within a direct flight from Newark Liberty International Airport.

Hold your horses though: it’s not quite as easy as jumping on a plane and heading off into the sunset. There are a few things you’ll need to do beforehand. Firstly, check if you need a visa to travel to your destination; for some countries, this can take a while to process. Secondly, ensure that you have all of your particulars in order: use a comparison site to find your hotels and flights, and other essentials. You’ll also need to know how long you’re traveling for; if you’ll be gone for a while, Parkon.com can help you find long-term airport parking.

Once you’ve got everything in order, you’ll need to make a budget for your trip, and ensure you’re packing for the right season. It may be fall here in America, but in some countries, it will be springtime!

Ready, Jet, Go!

These four beautiful destinations have been hand-picked to inspire! Find out more about each one below.


Known as a foodie’s paradise, the eating opportunities in Delhi are second to none, and there’s a colorful cultural experience at every turn. Delhi is India’s capital city, and there is a distinct juxtaposition between the 15th century Old Delhi and the new sprawling metropolis. As Pope Paul VI said: “I met a hundred men going to Delhi, and every one is my brother.”

Cape Town

If you feel like you’ve missed out on summer this year, jump on a flight to Cape Town, South Africa’s most famous port town, nestled at the foot of the Table Mountain. Be inspired by the contrast of rugged mountains, jagged rocks, and monstrous seascapes.  The soft orange hues of an incredible sunset are not to be missed.


Another city that will be warm throughout the latter half of the year, Auckland is one of New Zealand’s most famous and important cities. Home to two harbors and numerous train options, Auckland is a transport hub that could be the beginning of your journey or the heart of your next adventure.


Beijing has a special place in the hearts of the Chinese people. Home to the Forbidden City and one of many areas you can climb the Great Wall of China, Beijing is China’s ancient capital city with a history dating back over three millennia. As well as being the base for a fantastic Chinese adventure, Beijing is a great stopover point for other adventures to countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, and even North Korea on specially arranged trips!

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