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Why Should You Start a Micro Job Site Now!

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If you are someone who spends time on the web, you may have heard about Micro Job Sites, like Fiverr, SEOClerks and SEOClerks.

These companies make millions of dollars in revenue by just offering the platform to connect skilled workers across the globe with business who need those skills. The skills could be like writing articles, blogs, creating a logo, proof reading…you name it.

Why Start or a Buy Micro Job Site?

Since the demand for virtual talent is constantly increasing there is a huge opportunity for people like you if you are interested in launching a Micro Job Site. Can you imagine the site keeps 20% commission for every transaction on the site. Millions of people around the world are offering their services, and thousands of businesses are constantly looking for cheaper services.

Now it can be hard to build a site from scratch and get it to up and running, but you could look for sites that may be up for sale, you may just hit some luck.

Here is one site that I found is listed for sale Scrawll.comyou can check out the sale listing HERE. Flippa is a great place to buy websites, you can place your bid and if you win the site is yours.

What is a Micro Job Site after all?

The world has truly become a global village with talents and skills around the world becoming virtually available via the web. Yes, it is true that all kind of skills cannot be leveraged virtually but lot of skills can be made available easily using various methods.

So if you have a skill, you can make a reasonable and sometimes high income delivering services using your skills to businesses that need your skills around the globe.

This is really amazing, as people who couldn’t imagine providing services for let’s say an American company from India, or Armenia or any other country can now do it.

All of this is made possible via sites called “Micro Job Sites”. What do these sites do?

They offer a platform to connect people who have skills to offer to businesses or people who need their service and are ready to pay for it.

It is simple, people who want to offer their skills or service register on the site and select the services they can offer. And businesses who need services can search for people with skills they are looking for, and connect with ones they feel can do the job and assign the job to them.

Now what is the catch?

If you are the owner of the Micro Job Site, you will keep a percentage of every payment made by the business to the service provider. The commission earned by the site is normally 20%, isn’t it neat!

Here are four of the top Micro Job Sites:

  1. Fiverr

On this website a service provider (also referred to as Freelancer) can offer services for $5 each. And freelancer can add additional services for an additional fee. These services are called “Gigs”. The site charges 20% commission for every job delivered. It takes some time for a new free lancer to gain popularity and rating. And many new Free lancers can find it hard to show up in the search listings. And this where your opportunity lies. New freelancers are looking or new site where they can gain popularity more easily.

2. GigBucks

In GigBucks a freelancer can offer services ranging from $5-$50. That gives you more flexibility to set your rates and services.

3. SEOClerks

Another great site, but primarily focusses on SEO and related services only. For example SEO, Link building, Internet marketing.

So you can also focus on starting sites for a specific niche like “Article Writing”, I think you could buy Scrawll.com (scrawl means write with and extra “l”), and change the focus to only cater to article writing, and similar tasks.

 4. Zeerk

In this site freelancers can post services for $2 to $100. They keep $2 commission for every sale, which again is 20%.

In Closing…

So as you see, the profit is hefty 20% of revenue, you do not need to sell anything, no shipping or inventory of products, no returns and defective products. ….Imagine the huge opportunity!

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