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Why Is UCLA One of the World’s Most Popular Colleges?

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When you think about colleges located in the United States, there are a few that will immediately come to mind: Harvard is one of them, as is Stanford. Yale also ranks highly.

There’s also another that sits comfortably in the top ranks of the list of most popular colleges: the University of California, Los Angeles.

More commonly known as UCLA, this university continues to receive more applications from hopeful students than any other in the country. What sparks this level of interest? Why is UCLA regarded as one of the world’s best universities?

Before answering those questions, it’s important to look at the main downside of UCLA’s popularity. Simply put, there’s not enough space for everyone. Even if would-be students meet the UCLA requirements, as stated on CampusReel, this is far from a guarantee of being invited to attend. For instance, in 2018, only 17% of applications were accepted by UCLA.

Now that’s out of the way, it’s time to breakdown why this university is so popular.

Prime location

Thanks to its central location, UCLA offers easy access to everything in Los Angeles. The world-renowned Beverly Hills is only five minutes away, while the beach can be reached after a short ten-minute journey. Countless reputed restaurants, iconic attractions, and trendy nightspots – they’re all within reach.

There’s also another significant advantage with the location: the weather. Throughout the year, students at UCLA have the benefit of leaving their coats at home and basking in the gloriously sunny weather.

The finest education for the price

Factor in the number of applications received, and it’s no surprise that UCLA is an exclusive group of smart and progressive students. They are also rewarded handsomely for enrolling at the university. This is because it features one of the country’s finest academic reputations – so much so that it is deemed a “Public Ivy.”

It has the “Public Ivy” tag based on two main elements. First, it delivers an “Ivy League” type of college experience. Secondly, it does for a much lower price, as it is a more affordable public college.

Sporting dominance

When it comes to cheering on the UCLA Bruins, the students at the college come out in force. This is for a good reason. UCLA has a proud sporting heritage, and this is exemplified by the college being the first to hit the 100-championship mark.

The college’s sporting achievements are impressive, sure, but they are almost surpassed by the spirit and unity displayed by the student fans who cheer the athletes on at every game.

A scene-stealer

Admittedly, this point might not directly spotlight why the university is so popular. However, the beauty of the campus – with its sprawling greenery and architectural delights – has led it to appear in many movies and television shows over the years.

If you’ve ever watched a film or show with a college setting, there’s a good chance you have already seen UCLA in some form. It has appeared in the likes of Modern Family, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Legally Blonde, to name but a few.

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