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4 Ways for Schools To Spend Fundraising Profits

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Many schools raise money throughout the year via various initiatives. However, there’s not always a predetermined use for these funds. If you’re looking for some financial guidance, check out these helpful ways for schools to spend fundraising profits.

School Trips

The money you raise can be put to good use by financing a school trip. For example, many schools choose to send their middle schoolers to Washington, DC for a fun and educational tour of the nation’s capital. Meanwhile, high school bands or choirs may travel to destinations such as New York City or Walt Disney World to participate in workshops and performances.

The money you raise throughout the year can be allocated to offset the cost of these enriching trips. If parents don’t have to pay so much out of pocket, more students can participate. For many young people, a school trip is the first time they’re traveling without their family. Thus, it’s a great opportunity to flex their independence, connect with classmates, and explore new locations.

Athletic Equipment

Another way for schools to spend fundraising profits is by purchasing new athletic equipment. If your athletic department is working with old or outdated sports equipment, it’s a good idea to replace these items to provide the best experience for your student athletes.

Does your football team have worn-out jerseys that have seen a number of seasons? Use some funds to purchase new uniforms. Does the baseball team need new gloves or bats? Allocate some money to purchase these essential items. Regardless of the sport, both coaches and students will be very appreciative if you update the equipment.

Library Books

A well-stocked library is vitally important to the educational growth of students. However, many schools cannot afford to purchase new books every year. As such, it’s wise to use a portion of your fundraising profits to replace worn books and buy new reading materials.

Since many classrooms also have their own libraries, be sure to distribute some books to individual teachers. You can even ask teachers to provide a wish list so you can buy books that are age- and curriculum-appropriate.

Classroom Technology

Classroom technology has become indispensable over the last several years, but it can be very costly for some schools. Since students can easily fall behind if they don’t have access to the latest technology, consider spending some of that fundraising money on state-of-the-art computers, tablets, or digital whiteboards.

The classroom experience is streamlined for both teachers and students when technology is utilized. By ensuring your machines are in good condition and your internet access is reliable, you can provide the tools your student body needs to succeed.

Speaking of technology, online fundraisers have gained popularity in recent years due to their convenience and effectiveness. If you’re looking for a streamlined way to provide your school with the items and experiences listed above, consider the benefits of raising money online. By doing so, you can exponentially increase your reach and create an unforgettable school year.

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