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What You Need To Start a Hobby Farm

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As spring approaches, you may already be planning for the new hobbies you want to take on and master when the weather warms up. If beginning a hobby farm is one of those activities you want to tackle, you need to make sure you’re well equipped for the task. Hobby farms can provide your family with extra vegetables (that you won’t need to buy at the store) or fun animals to take care of, depending on which kind of farm you want to create. If you have the space near your home and the boldness to take on such a task, take some time to first learn what you need to start a hobby farm.

Before You Begin: Know What Type of Hobby Farm You Want

Hobby farms vary from vegetable gardens to goat pastures; if you want to start a hobby farm, you need to know what you want to raise so you know how to prepare. With so many kinds of hobby farms, it may be difficult to cover all the resources you’ll need to start your farm—some farms may require special care that is specific to the animal or plant you specialize in.

No matter which kind of hobby farm you want to create, you’ll need a decent amount of land that can support everything you want in your farm’s pasture or garden. This land may be in your backyard or on a separate property. Make sure to follow any local laws and restrictions before finalizing the farm.

Gardening in a Hobby Farm

Because you aren’t trying to make a living from your hobby farm and aren’t using it to survive, you can grow whatever crops you want. If you’re gardening in the soil, try to pick crops that naturally grow in your area. You may need to craft gardening beds out of sterile wood and pick out the perfect fertilizer.

For extra sustainability, consider utilizing a water tank—such as a rainwater tank—to hold your hobby farm’s water. This is especially useful for hobby farms that are distant potable water sources, but just make sure to purify any water supply you intend on using.

Other tools you’ll need for your crops include:

  • Fencing
  • Seeds
  • Garden hoes
  • Garden spade or shovels
  • Dirt and leaf rakes
  • Hose or other watering tools

Raising Animals

Farm animals are a rewarding way to get access to fresh produce, such as eggs and milk, and can open the door to learning how to make products such as cheese or butter. Each kind of animal you can raise on a small hobby farm has quirks—much like pets do—and will require special care. Some of what you need to start a hobby farm with animals includes:

  • Pasture space
  • Shelter
  • Fencing
  • The right type of food for the animal
  • Bedding
  • Rake and garbage bins
  • A trusted veterinarian

Before you purchase any animals, make sure you have the specific tools required to own and care for them. Care will vary from animal to animal. Ensure your trusted vet can handle farm animals—not every vet specializes in farm animals!

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