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7 Must-Have Items to Build the Perfect Summer Wardrobe

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When sweaters start to feel constricting, and the trees start to blossom, it’s time to start thinking about getting your wardrobe ready for summer. Here are seven items that will help you create the perfect wardrobe for the warmer months:

1. A Loose-Fitted Dress

You know those days where you wake up too hot, and the thought of pulling on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt seems nearly impossible? That’s where the loose-fitted dress comes in. When you’re feeling lazy, you can quickly pull it over your head without a second’s thought and instantly look like you’ve taken your time to get ready. 

Even better – get two. Or three. If you’re building a summer wardrobe on a budget, then make the most out of kohls coupons at  https://valpak.com/coupon-codes/kohls.com so you can buy more for your money. 

2. Comfortable Flats 

While sturdy boots see you through the winter, it’s the comfortable flats that’ll get you through the sweltering sunshine. You don’t want your feet to be put under any more pressure when it’s hot out, so treat yourself to a breathable, comfortable shoe that you won’t even notice is on your feet. 

3. The Cutest Swimsuit 

Whatever plans you have for the summer, you should have a killer swimsuit. Find one that suits your body type so that by the time someone asks if you want to hit the pool, you know you’ll look great. 

4. Breathable Work Pants 

While you can lounge around in short shorts and tiny tank tops at home, if you’re going into the office, you need to look smart. Wearing tight pants and a shirt isn’t a comfortable option on the hotter days, so make sure you invest in some smart, breathable pants. 

Take a trip in-store to try a few on before you find the perfect pair. After all, you’ll be spending over eight hours at a time in them! 

5. Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are the perfect summer item. They’re easy, comfortable, and go with most tops. You will wear denim shorts on the days you’re quickly heading to the store, taking your dog to the park, or going for a quick coffee with your friend. 

6. Comfortable Underwear

When you’re sweating, the last item you want to be wearing is a tight-fitted bra. While the feeling of taking it off will be incredible, it’s just not worth the hours of suffering. 

Head to a bra store and get properly fitted for ultimate comfort. Think about material for your other underwear, too, as you don’t want to wear anything that rubs. 

7. Plenty of T-Shirts 

Who doesn’t wear t-shirts? They’re great for layering in winter and perfect for throwing on in the summertime. They’ll protect your shoulders from the sun but will still show enough skin for you to feel the benefit. Best of all, t-shirts come in a large variety of designs and fits, so no matter what your style is, you are sure to find plenty to match it.  By giving your summer wardrobe a boost with these items, you’ll find getting ready in the mornings far easier and more comfortable. 

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