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What Is the Strongest Kratom Extract You Can Buy

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Did you know that kratom can cause a euphoric feeling, alertness, and helps with physical energy? Whether you’re looking to start trying kratom or currently take kratom and are looking for the strongest out there, this article is for you.

You’ll discover the strongest kratom extract for the best feeling and strength. Read on to discover the best kratom out there for optimal relief. 

What Is Kratom Extract?

Kratom extract is much more potent than powders and kratom leaves. There’s a vast range of kratom extraction methods and different products on the market. When looking for the best kratom extract for you, it’s important to ensure what you’re buying fits your needs. 

Gold Reserve Kratom Extract

Gold Reserve Kratom Extract is one of the most popular extracts out there. Rightfully so since it has about 200mg of alkaloids/gram. You’ll want to start at a very low dosage when using this extract. It’s extremely potent and you’ll feel the effects quickly. Since it hits quickly the effects can wear off fast. 

It tends to cost less than other extracts. Make sure to check out Bumble Bee Botanicals for some high-quality kratom. 

Platinum Kratom Extract

Platinum Kratom Extract isn’t as popular as the Gold Reserve Kratom but it stands well on its own, being made from White Vein Sumatra kratom. It has high potency effects. The taste might not be for everyone so add it into shakes or smoothies. It can be quite expensive.

Full Spectrum Kratom Extract

The Full Spectrum Kratom Extract comes from the White Vein Kratom. This is highly concentrated and costs less than other kratom. It contains a mixture of water and Bali kratom. It’s affordable but not as potent as the other extracts. 

Full Spectrum Maeng Da Kratom Extract

The Full Spectrum Maeng Da uses different extraction methods that result in a high concentration. It has a high potency and has an extract grade of 60x. It can cost less than other extracts as well. Even though it tends to cost less, it can still give the same potency.  

Kratom 100x Extract

When kratom has 100x that is the highest form for kratom extracts, the highest potency. The quality of the extract depends on the strain you use. Since it’s so strong, it’s harder to find.

The price could also be extremely high from vendors since it’s considered the strongest extract out there. Since it is so strong, it’s not recommended that beginners try it. 

Finding the Strongest Kratom Extract

Finding the strongest kratom extract isn’t as easy as choosing one, it really depends on what effect you’re looking for, how much of a potency, and how long it will last. Thankfully, there are many extracts to choose from to find the right extract for you. Always make sure to start off with a lower dose than usual when trying out extracts. 

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