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A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Jewelry Gift for a Loved One

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Jewelry is a reliable gift choice for both men and women, and there’s a piece of jewelry out there to suit everyone. However, choosing the right piece can be difficult, especially if you don’t wear jewelry yourself. Here are some tips for picking the most important pieces when buying for a loved one.


Necklaces are an excellent way to accent any formal outfit. They are also one of the more versatile pieces of jewelry and one of the most individualistic. Necklaces are mostly worn by women as fashion items. Men sometimes wear necklaces as well, but for men, a necklace tends to be a sentimental item that carries a special meaning.

Men’s formal wear, in particular, doesn’t often include a necklace unless it is a religious or sentimental item. If you are buying a necklace for a man, you should generally go for a slender and subtle one, and try to choose something that will have personal relevance to the recipient. On the other hand, it is hard to complete a formal evening wear outfit for women without using a necklace. In fact, many people would argue that a necklace is an essential addition to any dress.

If you are buying jewelry for a woman, you need to know what her individual tastes are. Women can pull off much larger and more elaborate necklaces than men can, but some women prefer a dainty look. It’s all about her personal preference. If you know what kind of dresses or other formal attire she prefers, look for a necklace that will complement these pieces the best.


Like necklaces, earrings come in a range of shapes and styles. Again, you should consider the outfits that the earrings are going to be paired with when you are deciding which style to go for.

Don’t underestimate just how good a set of small and subtle stud earrings can look – you don’t necessarily need to choose something big in order for it to be noticed. For example, Orocal sells a number of smaller, gold quartz pieces that manage to stand out despite being small in size.

Bracelets and Rings

Bracelets and rings are often considered separate pieces, but it is always a good idea to coordinate them. Buying rings or bracelets for other people can be tricky as you need to know the size of their fingers or wrists. It’s not until you stop and try to work out whether a person has large or small fingers that you realize you have no idea. With bracelets, you can sometimes get away with a looser-fitting option, but this doesn’t really work with rings.

The key to choosing the right piece of jewelry for your loved one is to not overcomplicate things. You don’t necessarily need the most elaborate or expensive piece you can find – if the jewelry is for fashion, then it should augment the rest of the outfit. If you are choosing something for sentimental value, then functionality might be less important. However, if you would like them to wear the piece regularly, then it needs to be something simple enough to fit with any outfit.

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