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What Can Adults Learn From the Biblical Nativity?

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Many adults think of the Biblical Nativity story as something for Christian children to learn about. However, there are many lessons that adults can learn from the Biblical Nativity too, whether you’re Christian, secular, or someone who practices another religion. Keep reading to get a quick overview of these lessons.

Humility and Gratitude

The Nativity story reminds us of the virtues of humility and gratitude, which benefit everyone. In the Bible, Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a young woman who gave birth in a stable far away from home. Despite the poverty and inconvenience, Mary remained humble and grateful to her God for the miraculous gift of her son. Similarly, Joseph, a carpenter, was selected to become the earthly father of Jesus and accepted his role with grace and humility.

As adults, we can learn from their examples and adopt a spirit of humility and gratitude in our daily lives. Even in difficult circumstances, we can accept where we are and express thanks for what we have.

Trust and Faith

We can also learn about the importance of trust and faith from the Nativity. In the Bible, Mary and Joseph had to trust that God had a plan for them and their unborn child, even when it did not make sense to them. The shepherds who came to witness the birth of Jesus had faith that this child would be a savior, despite the modest setting of his birth.

We often face situations that challenge our faith or require us to trust others. The Nativity story can inspire us to lean on God, if we’re religious, and even if we aren’t, to lean on others during challenging times.

Love and Service

Last but not least, the Nativity story reminds us of the power of love and service. The wise men who came to honor Jesus brought gifts, not for themselves, but to celebrate the birth of a child that they believed was special. Mary and Joseph devoted themselves to raising Jesus to be a man of faith and purpose. And, of course, Jesus’ own life is the ultimate example of love and service to humanity. This is just one of many creative Bible study lessons for all ages and faiths. Even if you don’t believe Jesus was the savior, you can see how, in Biblical stories, he served others with his loving example and helpful teachings.

Like Jesus, we can find purpose, fulfillment, and joy by serving others in meaningful ways. We should also recognize that love is the ultimate gift we can give to those around us.

Adults can learn many lessons from the Biblical Nativity, such as to strive for virtues like humility, gratitude, trust, faith, love, and service. No matter what time of year it is, we can allow the Nativity story to inspire us to make the world a better place.

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