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4 Things You Can Do With an Old Golf Cart

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There comes a time when every golf cart owner must decide what to do with their trusty buggy. While you may feel your old golf cart is no longer useful, think again! If you’re looking for ideas of things you can do with an old golf cart, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got suggestions for overhauling an old golf cart.

Go Camping

A family camping trip can become much better with a golf cart in tow. Old golf carts are fantastic campground vehicles, allowing you to traverse the great outdoors easily. Not only will your golf cart provide a means of transportation around the campground, but it can also be an asset when hauling firewood, food, and camping equipment.

Say goodbye to exhausting and time-consuming treks back and forth between your campsite and the amenities; your trusty golf cart will get you there in no time!

Take It Hunting

Hunting is one of the best uses for electric golf carts you should know. If you’re an avid hunter, an old golf cart can be an invaluable asset. Many hunters have discovered that using a golf cart to navigate the backwoods is much quieter and more efficient than a passenger vehicle. You’ll have the ability to get closer to your prey without spooking them, giving you a better chance at a successful hunt.

Furthermore, a golf cart can transport your gear and game out of the hunting zone. You can add many modifications to a golf cart to make it ideal for hunting, like cargo beds and weapon storage boxes. Use an old golf cart to save energy and improve your hunting trips.

Use It for Yard Work

Why not put your old golf cart to good use on your property? If you tend a large yard or manage a small farm, a golf cart can be useful for transporting equipment. Imagine shuttling bags of mulch, gardening tools, or even small livestock with your trusty old cart!

With a little creativity and some modifications, you can install a platform on the back of your golf cart, enabling it to carry heavy loads and even help out with tasks like tree removal or landscaping.

Donate It

If you do not need a golf cart for these activities, consider donating it to a worthy cause. Many organizations, such as schools and sports teams, may appreciate the gift of a functional golf cart. Donating your golf cart to one of these deserving groups can provide them with a much-needed resource and bring you great satisfaction.


You can do plenty of things with an old golf cart besides golfing. Repurposing your golf cart for various outdoor activities and chores is incredibly convenient. Additionally, donating your vehicle can significantly impact a local organization or cause. So, don’t let that old golf cart gather dust! Breathe new life into it and enjoy the benefits of your old friend in a whole new way.

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