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Ways To Maintain Your Fitness Goals Through Fall

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It’s that time of year again where you bid ado to sunshine and warmth and welcome chillier temperatures and the fall aesthetic. But as the leaves change, you can’t help but wonder how the season will affect your fitness journey.

In the summer, you felt productive, positive, and ready to take on all fitness obstacles as you became consistent in visiting the gym and carrying out an effective routine. You ran, power-walked, and performed HIIT workouts in the park to keep things exciting.

But how will you keep the same momentum during the new season? Luckily, there are ways to maintain your fitness goals through fall, and it doesn’t make much effort!

Hiking Through Parks or Trails

Hiking through local parks or trails is a great way to build endurance and burn calories, all while appreciating the outdoors.

The more verticality a trail has, the better for your fitness! Depending on your location, you may find different trails of varying difficulties. It helps to start with easier trails and build up your tolerance so that you can take on more challenging trails in the future.

Once you master the art of hiking, consider biking the same trails for an exciting variation that keeps your routine fresh!

Indoor Fitness Classes

Indoor fitness classes are another great alternative that allows you to stay active, regardless of the weather outdoors. There are plenty of classes to choose from: martial arts, self-defense, cycling, aerobics, and yoga.

Whatever your preferred activity, choose an indoor fitness class that fits seamlessly into your current schedule! You may also want to consider enrolling in a class that pulls you out of your comfort zone. For example, if you enjoy strength training, yoga is a great alternative to improve blood flow and flexibility and prevent injuries.

Outdoor Workouts

Do you not have equipment but want to exercise in the crisp fall air? Consider performing outdoor workouts to wake up the body and promote blood flow. High-intensity interval training is great and easy to perform outside; you can sprint for one minute, followed by light jogging for three minutes. Over the course of a few weeks, reduce that lower intensity interval to make the set harder for yourself.

Consider jumping rope at maximum pace for 30 seconds and then a light pace for two minutes. Afterward, follow the same application to reduce the light interval portion. Outdoor workouts can get a sweat going!

Reaching your fitness goals doesn’t require too many adjustments during a seasonal change. You can maintain your goals during the fall by taking advantage of the beautiful weather and holding yourself accountable.

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