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Unexpected Uses for Pumpkins To Try This Fall

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Pumpkin has officially entered the chat. Have you seen these orange guys everywhere? Autumn is upon us once again, and the season of pumpkin spice and everything nice is in full swing. How do you use your pumpkins each year? Do you use them for seasonal decorations? Carving fun? Staple recipes? Baked loaves and pies?

When the pumpkin hullabaloo hits alongside the change of seasons, some people turn their noses up in disgust, while others revel in the opportunities of this gourd. There is a whole lot more you can do with pumpkins than you imagine. Here are a few unexpected uses for pumpkins to try this fall.

Beauty Products: Skin Care or Hair Care

The nutritional benefits of fresh pumpkins aren’t solely for the inside of your body. In fact, pumpkin-based beauty products can also work their magic on the outside. Get pumpkin pretty using a puree recipe for face masks, lotions, hair masks, exfoliants, and body scrubs. Pumpkin helps stimulate hair growth with zinc and potassium, fight against oily skin with salicylic acid, and minimize age wrinkles and spots with vitamin C.

Pumpkin Serving Bowls: Festive Dinner Party

Pumpkin recipes make great meals and tasty desserts. Have you ever considered using one as its own serving bowl? Similar to the innovative originality of bread bowls, a stuffed serving dish is one of the unexpected uses for pumpkins to try this fall. These are perfect seasonal conversation starters at the table.

Choose a round pumpkin at the store or at the patch that’s small to medium-sized. Ensure the bottom is flat and that the pumpkin can sit level on its own. Then, cut off the top, scoop out the insides, and bakeit until the flesh is soft. When done, you can stuff it with soup, casseroles, and more. The best part is that they’re easily compostable after dinner is over.

Humble Pumpkin Seeds: Unique Recipe Inclusions

Many consumers in the world love nuts as healthy snacks or crunchy toppings. Seeds also make a name for themselves as nutrient-dense superfoods. When comparing pumpkin vs. sunflower seeds, pepitas are the leader in snacking, baking, and cooking.

Pumpkin seeds are more than Halloween byproducts. You can use them in an assortment of recipes or dishes to spice up your day. Toss roasted seeds into pumpkin hummus, pesto, guacamole, or salsa, or make them into butter, milk, or chewy brittle. A quick Google search or a little inspiration can reveal the limitless possibilities of pumpkin seeds. Now, you can’t say you don’t know how to deal with pumpkin mania.

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