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Makeup Tips For The Perfect Halloween Look

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No matter your age, dressing up for Halloween is a treat. The best part? Halloween items go on sale as early as July (or even sooner!), so you can enjoy the festivities all season long. One of the best ways to celebrate the season is to dress the part with Halloween makeup. But how do you apply Halloween makeup without it appearing cheap or boring? Consider these brilliant makeup tips for the perfect Halloween look.

Use What You’ve Got

Yes, you likely already have what you need to create a spooky (or adorable) Halloween look. This tip is especially great for those who want to keep their spending to a minimum. Retrieve your eyeliner, glitter, or bright red lipstick. Create a spooky design with your eyeliner, or do a dramatic cat eye with bold lipstick.

Seek Out Tutorials

YouTube is a wonderful place if you’re trying to learn how to do makeup. Seek out a Halloween makeup tutorial to help you create the perfect look. From using fishnets and eyeshadow to create mermaid scales to painting an elaborate sugar skull (on your skull), countless tutorials are available to help you look flawless.

Set Your Makeup

Many people forget about this essential tip: set your makeup! Whether you’re painting your entire face or just your eyes, you don’t want to worry about your glamorous or spooky aesthetic disintegrating before the party even starts. After you apply your makeup, mist your face with setting spray by making the shape of an X followed by a T.

Use Quality Nail Polish

For the perfect Halloween look, this makeup tip is essential: use quality nail polish. Sure, some costumes call for chipped black nail polish. But if you want your nails to be on point this Halloween, consider using something with a bit higher quality. You can also try using transfer foil to create professional-looking designs. There are so many unique patterns out there, from traditional Halloween symbols to glow-in-the-dark designs.

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