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24 People Applied For The “World’s Toughest Job” That Pays Absolutely Nothing. You’ll Be Surprised To Find Out What It Actually Is.

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A fake company by the name of Rethom Inc. posted an online job listing for a director of operations position. Applicants were told by the hiring manager that the job would require them to “stand all the time, work a minimum of 135 hours per week, and need to have a background in finance, medicine, and culinary arts. The 24 applicants soon found out their potentially awesome gig was anything but. In fact, it was a description of the job of “Mother”…which is “Rethom” backwards. The advertising agency Mullen put together this PSA/commercial for Mother’s Day to show the incredible job that moms around the world do for their children, and how it really is the toughest job in the world. These 24 applicants have the perfect reaction to all of these ridiculous requests, too.

Source: YouTube via Business Insider

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