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Top Seven Tips for Self-love…aka Self-esteem

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Here we are going to look at seven tips for self-esteem. Self-esteem is about having a healthy relationship with yourself. Self-esteem is about loving yourself.

There are many things that self-esteem is not. Self-esteem is not about knowing your own worth, but, it is not about thinking that you are better than everyone else.
Let us look at these tips for healthy self-esteem:

1. Believe in yourself

The first tip of having good self-esteem, is to have self-belief. Self-belief is the foundation of self-belief.

The only way you will achieve things in life, is when you have a strong self-belief in yourself. When you have self-belief, you believe in your abilities, dreams, aspirations and talents.

Self-belief is about thinking that you can do something, even if others believe you cannot. Self-belief is an unshakable foundation, it means that you don’t let others belittling disbelief in your dreams, or life, affect you.

2. Self-esteem is about treating yourself with kindness and love 

To treat yourself with kindness and love is to look after yourself like you would with a family or friend.

You matter just as much as they do. And, having self-esteem is knowing that.

Treating yourself with love and kindness and love is about looking after your body and mind.

3. Stop talking negatively to yourself

You will never have self-esteem if all you do is talk in a negative way. We all talk to ourselves in our mind, it’s those thoughts that run around in our mind, every hour of everyday.

Having high self-esteem is about talking in a positive way towards yourself. It is about thinking good, and encouraging thoughts to yourself.

There are many ways that you can correct the way you speak to yourself. Such as affirmations and meditations.

4. See others just as importantly as you see yourself

Other people matter, and they are just as important as you, or me.

People with high levels of self-esteem know that. They are aware that other people are as valuable as they are.

If you wouldn’t like something done to you, then, don’t do it to someone else.

5. Self-esteem is believing that everyone in your life is of equal value and importance

No one in your life should be view in a scale of 1-10 importance.

This can particularly happen in relationships. When you think your relationship is somehow more important than your friends and family. It is not.

The friends and family who were in your life before your relationship, were there for you. Never forget that, and take them for granted. They will also likely be there after your relationship is done. Remember that too.

6. Never think that a person is your reason to live

When you have high self-esteem, you know that you are valuable regardless of anyone else.

Other people in our lives are great, and our world would be poorer for them not being there. However, no one should be your sense of self-worth. Ever. Your sense of self-worth should be intrinsic.

True self-esteem in knowing that our worth and value is intrinsic. True self-esteem is knowing that other people do matter yes, but they degrade your value or worth if they choose not to be in your life.

7. Lastly, but not in any means least, is living a life that speaks to your heart

Too many people can choose a career, a partner etc based on what their friends, family or society thinks.

When you do that though, you are in effect saying ‘I don’t matter’. We are never going to please everyone in life. We are never going to have everyone like us, or loving us. But, living in a way for your friends, family, or society, is trying to please everyone, and make everyone like you.

That’s never going to be possible. And, why would you want people to like you based on a life that isn’t you? You’d not feel happy, or good about yourself. And, that isn’t living with high self-esteem.

The saying is true that ‘the right people will love you for who you are’.

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