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Tips for Moving to a New Home With Your Cats

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Moving is a hassle for anyone, but since I have pets, extra planning is involved. I already utilize practical packing ideas each time I move, but the cats are tricky. As they age, I never know how they will react to travel or a new place. My cats are hyper and sensitive since they’ve always lived inside, so my tips for moving to a new home with your cats are perfect for anyone with domesticated kitties.

Get your cat familiar with its carrier.

Regardless of where I’m transporting my cats, I must prepare them to travel in their carriers. The best way is to get the carriers out ahead of time so the cats can explore them. If I get them out just before attempting to put them inside, they are too afraid of the carriers to even think about going inside.

Pro Tip: I’ve used treats to entice my cats into their carriers. Although sometimes, you have to pick your cats up and put them inside.

Feed your cat a small meal on the day of the move.

Since you will have your cats in a moving vehicle or other modes of transportation that they are not used to, you don’t want to feed them food that they may throw up. I feed my cats just enough food that they aren’t hungry, typically just their morning meal. They can eat more food once they are comfortable in their new space.

Make the trip as smooth as possible.

No one likes a bumpy ride. Try to make the journey as smooth as possible for your feline. Invest in carriers that fit the cat properly and drive carefully while you’re on the road. You don’t have much control over trains, planes, and other modes of public transportation, but you can ensure your cats don’t get jostled.

Pro Tip: Most carriers have a slot for a seatbelt. Safety is essential when transporting your cats.

Slowly introduce your cats to your new home.

Not all cats adapt easily to new environments. You may need to start your cat off in a small space to let it get used to the smells. When I first moved my cats into my home, one needed a place to hide and make his own before adventuring into the rest of the apartment. My other cat was ready to explore. Nowadays, they are both willing to tackle new environments head-on—if it’s quiet.

Talk to your friends and family for more tips for moving to a new home with your cats. Every cat is different and may require different care. Get to know your pets and talk to your vet about the best course of action.

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