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The Top Hidden Gems When Traveling in Europe

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MBA students have a whole lot on their plate as they try to balance their studies, personal life, and possibly a job at the same time. If this sounds an awful lot like you as you work away on earning your MBA degree online, then it may be time to consider rewarding yourself with a fabulous and memorable trip to Europe. Now we aren’t just talking about any old trip, we are talking about visiting some of those lesser known tourist destinations, as they can offer the very best experience there is.

Azores, Portugal

Portugal isn’t usually at the top of the list for people when they think of planning a trip to Europe, and if it does appear on the list it’s usually Lisbon. Portugal is actually home to some of the most stunning natural looking islands: the Azores. One island in particular is a must-see and that’s Faial Island, which means Blue Island.

It is located just 11 miles from S. Jorge and is home to just 15,000 residents. It’s a small island, but don’t let its size fool you as it is filled with stunning scenery. Take in the quaint coastal houses and buildings along the water, the lovely rolling hills, beaches that boast soft sand, greenery like you wouldn’t believe, and that laid back feeling of quiet island living. While you may not want to spend a full week on the island, it definitely makes for a great day trip from one of the bigger islands.

brightonBrighton, England

Have you ever wondered where Londoners go for a quick escape from the city? You’ll find your answer in Brighton, England. This town is often called the Hamptons of London and is located right on the seaside. This town offers all kinds of resort options and can be reached by train from London. While many people just go for a day or weekend, there’s nothing to stop you from spending more time relaxing here.

Sylt, Germany

Germany is a popular stop for tourists, but you may not think of it in terms of beaches and surfing. That’s exactly what you can find in Sylt, Germany. Here you’ll find an astonishing 40 km of sandy well-kept beaches just perfect for catching rays, swimming in the water, surfing, and sailing. The area is also well-known for its lovely resorts, which make it the perfect stop on your travels.

Tartu, Estonia

Located in the Baltic, Estonia is another country that isn’t always the top of the list with tourists, yet it should be. Tartu offers a chance to take in centuries-old architecture, art, and scenery. If you’re a history buff, then this will be the ultimate location to visit.

Venture off the Path

Some of the best trips with the most amazing memories are those trips where you’ve ventured off the path and tried something new. Europe is the perfect place to do this and discover all kinds of beautiful and historic hidden gems.

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