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The Happiness Factor

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Happiness is something that we all seek to attain. It is something that everybody strives for, no matter where they live in the world.

A new study at the London School of Economics looked into what the keys to happiness were. The study revolved around 200,000 people. And the result provided some interesting results.

Happiness Comes from things you may not expect…
The researchers from the London School of Economics found that happiness comes from things that you may not expect. They have found that happiness does not come from money or success.

Instead, the researchers found that happiness is found in our most treasured possessions. Such as relationships and love.

The key to finding out what happiness is, is to also find out what brings about unhappiness. The London School of Economic researchers also found out what brings unhappiness.

What does bring humans unhappiness?

Our unhappiness happens through our mental states. We become unhappy through things such as depression or anxiety.

In other words, when we are unhappy, we are unhappy because either we are stressed or have depression. If we can control our mental state, and control our emotions, then we can control our happiness.

What the researchers have found is that happiness is very much a mental state. It is an inside job which we can control. Otherwise, the main source of human misery comes from depression and anxiety.

Another interesting thing that the researchers found was that humans are earning more than they did 50 years ago, but at the same time, humans aren’t happier for it.

Humans are often encouraged that if they earn more they will be happier. We are conditioned to believe that more money will bring about more happiness.

This study shows that that is not the case. When we strive for things such as money to make us happier, we are looking in the wrong place.

If we want to be happier, we have to be happier with seeking out relationships and love. If we worked more in putting time and effort into our relationships, and loving unconditionally, then we would be happier.

Part of what makes our life happy is giving love to other people.

If we worked more at this instead of working more, then not only would we be making other people happy, but we would also be making ourselves happy.

How often we work on making ourselves happy plays another key role in our happiness levels. When we work inside of ourselves, then we become happier.

There are several ways that we can work on the inside of our self to be happy.

One good way of doing that is by meditating. Meditation has shown that you can both cure anxiety and depression.

Mediation helps you become happier and healthier. It calms you down – both your mind and emotions. We have to control both our mind and emotions to benefit us.

When we control our mind through meditation, we become happier. Why? Because instead of thinking and listening to negative thinking, we replace those thoughts with positive ones.

By doing this it makes us happier, and healthier. It also boosts our self-confidence.

We also have to work on our emotions, if we are to be happy. When we stress or become anxious, we are unhappy because it makes us feel bad.

When we meditate, we help replace those anxious and stressed emotions with positive emotions. We replace it with emotions of being calm – this makes us happy.

In conclusion, the only three things which will make us happy are: love, relationships and working on the inside. The ability to be happy is both in giving to others and to yourself.

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