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The Best Off-Road Destinations in the US

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One of the best parts about off-roading is that it brings us to new and exciting places all over the country. If you’re considering taking an off-road vacation, consider these adventurous and scenic destinations in the US!

Death Valley, California

One of the country’s most famous off-roading areas is in California, the morbidly named Death Valley National Park. Although most of the national park is a protected wilderness area, there are still thousands of miles of paved and dirt roads for off-roaders to explore on ATVs or other vehicles.

Pro Tip: It’s best to venture to Death Valley in the winter or spring when the temperature is a bit more moderate and less dangerous.

There are many canyons and mining areas to discover in Death Valley National Park, like the famous Modoc Mine and Charcoal Kilns of Wildrose Canyon, along with stunning vistas and trails. For true-crime enthusiasts, you can even visit the notorious Manson—the residence of Charles Manson.

Moab, Utah

No list of off-road destinations in the US would be complete without the place many consider the best of the best—the red rocks of Moab. Renowned globally by natural adventure-seekers, from rock climbers to kayakers and especially off-roaders, Moab has beautiful landscapes and challenging and diverse terrain to offer.

Whatever type of off-roading experience you’re looking for, there are countless acres of trails to explore that will take you high upon nearby mountain ranges and within the depth of numerous canyons. If there’s one place every off-roader should experience, it’s Moab!

Hatfield-Mccoy System, West Virginia

Appalachia region of the US boasts countless adventurous and exciting terrain and areas to discover, but perhaps the best for thrill-seekers is the Hatfield-Mccoy System in West Virginia. The trail system has numerous trails that range in terrain and difficulty, from strolls to challenging adventures.

Throughout the hundreds of miles of trail systems are towns full of comfortable accommodations and restaurants to give off-roaders an authentic Appalachia experience. Whatever type of off-roading experience you’re looking for, you’ll find it in West Virginia!

Upper Peninsula, Michigan

While the west and the Appalachia receive a lot of attention from off-roading enthusiasts, don’t underestimate the excitement trails in the Midwest have to offer, especially in Michigan’s upper peninsula (UP). The UP is full of intricate trail systems that take ATV riders through beautiful scenery full of forests, beaches, rivers, waterfalls, and more!

On the edge of the UP, Drummond Island is renowned for its challenging ATV trails that feature steep grades and rough terrain. If you’re looking for something different from deserts, rocks, and canyons, consider a trip north to the UP!

Marble Falls, Texas

Texas is another hotbed of off-roading activity, and one of the best spots in the state to experience is the Hidden Falls Adventure Park in Marble Falls, just south of Austin. Whether you prefer dirt bikes, ATVs, trucks, or Jeeps, Hidden Falls has a demanding and daring trail for you!

The park offers hundreds of miles of trails with a bit of everything, from solid rock to soft- and hard-packed dirt. While traversing the trails, you’ll also see scenic waterfalls and natural falls that are ideal for cooling off after a challenging ride.

While these destinations are an off-roader’s dream, they can be obviously dangerous, so ensure you’re prepared with the must-haves every rider needs on the trails. Which trails will you visit first?

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