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Things To Do Before an Outdoor Craft Show

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Showcase your artwork and sell workpieces at a craft show! But first, you must read about the things to do before an outdoor craft show so that you can prepare for your next event. Don’t miss this helpful advice.

Get a Seller’s Permit

In the US, you need a seller’s permit to sell goods legally at a craft show. Also, in many cases, event runners require vendors to have a permit before booking the show. If this is your first event (or you sell crafts only during specific seasons), you can obtain a temporary permit.

Purchase the Right Canopy

Canopies protect your crafts from the sun’s UV rays, wind, and possible inclement weather. Before the show, you must purchase the right protection! When picking the perfect outdoor craft show canopy, it’s important to consider portability. Ideally, you want a unit that’s easy to maneuver as you transport it to the vendor space.

It’s also essential to select a unit that comes with features like leg weights and side walls. Both things create a stable foundation for the canopy.

Gather Your Promotional Materials

Craft shows are wonderful opportunities to promote yourself. That said, you should gather your promotional materials and bring them to events. Prepare business cards with updated contact information, branded postcards, and a banner with your brand name.

Don’t forget to mention social media pages or online shops (i.e., Etsy or Redbubble). This is a great way to make connections, as customers and other vendors may contact you after the show!

Grab Display Tools

Before an outdoor craft show, grab your display tools. These are shelves, baskets, or hangers that showcase your crafts. As people walk by, they’ll see your artwork and may purchase items.

You should also pick the perfect display tool. For example, a rotating tower with hooks is ideal for jewelry displays, and folding shelves are perfect for pictures, bags, or pottery.

If you have different things, bring various tools to showcase your arts and crafts!

Don’t Forget About Wrapping Supplies

Shopping bags, printing stickers, and boxes are wrapping supplies you need for the event. When you sell crafts, customers need a place to store items, so don’t forget about wrapping supplies. The last thing you want is for someone to accidentally drop their craft or misplace an item. You can prevent mishaps with the right packaging.

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