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This Rescued Stray Dog’s Hair Was So Matted It Looked Like A Pile Of Trash. How They Cleaned Him Up And Saved His Life Is Shocking.

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Some may find the next images of a cute stray dog hard to see, but the story ends on a positive note—promise! A group in Canada, the Quebec Society for the Protection of Animals, found the dog you see below on the streets. He was so dirty and his fur was so matted, he could barely be recognized as an animal. It was like another animal had formed on top of this little guy. What’s unbelievable is that he was found and given a new coat 🙂

Here he is as he was found. Completely covered in crusted over dirt and mud.



How he walked around with what looks like another body is truly incredible.


Care takers meticulously shaved him clean and revealed the cutest face underneath the hardened coat.




What came in as a scared, shaken and endangered dog is now clean, happy and grateful for the humans that took him in.


Happy ending, and good night! 



CREDITS: Distractify

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