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This Beautiful Kid Found A Home Thanks To A Newscaster. Watch Her Reaction When He Surprises Her On Live Television Years After He’s Finally Adopted.

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According to Children’s Rights’ website, there are approximately 397,000 children in out-of-home care in the United States. These children are of various ages and backgrounds, but have one thing in common: wanting a forever home to share with loved ones. To help give hope to those in foster care a news anchor from WFAA Channel 8 News in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas named Gloria Campos has been doing something called “Wednesday’s Child”. The feature is meant to bring light and focus to children in foster homes needing stability and care. In 2007, Maria featured Ke’onte, a bright and loving 8-year-old that had been in and out of homes that either failed or weren’t a fit. Two years later, after another failed adoption, Gloria did another feature on him. It led him to his new parents. Now 14, Ke’onte tells us his story and surprises Gloria live on-air. Her reaction will make you tear up, but it’s all because this wonderful kid finally has what every child deserves…love.


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