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Simple Hobbies To Improve Your Overall Mental Health

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Feeling OK all the time is challenging. There are so many factors going on around the world that affect you every day, and your brain seems to struggle. Here are a few simple hobbies to improve your overall mental health and get back to feeling 100 percent.


One of the greatest hobbies that you can start is gardening. This hobby keeps you active, gets you outside in the sun and the dirt, and is fruitful. When you put time and effort into gardening, you reward yourself with different fruits and veggies to enjoy and show to your friends and family. On top of this, working outside every day has many benefits. The sun provides you with important vitamin D, and dirt contains bacteria called Mycobacterium vaccae, which releases serotonin in the brain. This hobby is fun and incredibly beneficial to your mental well-being.

Work on Your Car

A great hobby that many people enjoy is working on their car. They put a lot of money into having a car in the first place, and they want it to be the best that it can be. Working on your vehicle can come in many forms. You can:

  • • Clean it
  • • Find upgrades
  • • Drive it around
  • • Personalize elements
  • • And more

Personalizing your vehicle can improve your mental health in various ways, as you can see your work going into something. It’s also an excellent way to put your creativity on display and get the gears in your brain moving again.


Much like gardening, hiking is a great hobby because it gets you active and out in the sun. Exercise and working up a sweat have significant benefits for mental health since your brain loves achieving goals. On top of this, you work out your muscles and organs when hiking. Everything becomes more active when you go out and walk, and this activity significantly benefits your mental health.

These are a few simple hobbies to improve your overall mental health, but remember that hobbies are still incredibly personal. Don’t expect to choose one and immediately feel better. When you are sluggish and mentally unmotivated, it can be challenging to find what clicks for you, but you should still experiment. Once you find the right hobby, your mental health will improve, and you can feel good again.

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