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5 Tips for Storing Your Winter Clothes During the Off-Season

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As the weather gets warmer, it becomes time to put away all the winter clothes you used for snow activities. However, you want to ensure those garments stay in good condition. Here are five tips for storing your winter clothes during the off-season.

Wash Your Clothes

Before you store your winter clothes, give them a good wash. Any smells left on dirty clothes will still be there when you remove them from storage, so it’s best to clean them now. You’ll eliminate the chances of any odors attracting unwanted insects or pests.

You’ll also be extending the life of your outerwear. One of the helpful tips for making your snow gear last longer is to wash it with a specialty cleaner that revitalizes the waterproof features and breathability of the clothes. That will ensure it performs for you when winter rolls around again.

Find a Cool, Dry Place

Another tip for storing your winter clothes during the off-season is to find a cool, dry place to put them. Avoid areas that undergo extreme temperature variations or humid spots that nurture mildew and mold. You also want to put the clothes in an area where they don’t receive direct sunlight since you don’t want the clothing’s color to fade.

Avoid Creases

You should also avoid creases when storing your winter snow gear. The creases can weaken the durable water-repellent treatment the manufacturer gave your clothes. If your clothes already have creases, try hanging them up to remove them.

Don’t Overpack Your Clothes

As you put your gear away, pack it evenly in a space or container to help maintain its shape. Boots and shoes can end up misshapen if overpacked, but you can prevent this with shapers or tissue paper that will help retain the footwear’s natural form.

Protect the Gear Against Moths

Finally, many people pull their winter gear out of storage only to discover that moths have eaten it. Although your first instinct might be to get mothballs, those can be toxic to you and any pets you have. Instead, try using lavender sachets or cedar balls to deter moths, protecting your winter clothes.

When you store your winter clothes carefully, you ensure they remain in good condition for when it gets cold again. Practice these tips to avoid unpleasant surprises right before you set out to have fun in the snow!

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