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Reasons Why Your Golf Cart May Not Start

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From improper storage to a simple error in wiring, there are several reasons why your golf cart may not start. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consider some of the most common causes and how you can fix them.

Fuse Problems

Whether you drive a gasoline or electric golf cart, fuses shorting out is one of the main reasons why your golf cart may not start. You may be able to determine whether the issue is fuse related if you notice peculiar electrical problems with your cart, such as flickering lights or the radio cutting in and out.

Depending on the model of your cart, you may have easy access to the fuses. You might need to try flicking the fuse switch back to see if that solves the problem. If not, you may need to replace some of the fuses.

Battery Failure

Issues with the battery are some of the most common causes of golf cart failure. Improper storage could cause damage to the battery, or the battery may just need charging. If you plan on keeping your cart in storage for long periods of time, such as through the winter months, consider checking on the battery and starting your cart periodically to ensure everything remains in proper working order. If you charge the battery and your cart still doesn’t start, you might want to check for some of the signs that indicate it’s time to replace your battery. Installing a new battery could solve the problem.

Lack of Fuel

One more reason why your golf cart may not start is that your cart is out of gas. Gasoline and electric carts both require some form of fuel. Generally, the lack of gas is solvable by filling up the cart’s tank. However, if you notice a lingering gasoline smell, you may have a leak. If that is the case, you should check for any gasoline puddles forming under your cart. If you notice signs of a fuel leak, getting it fixed should be your top priority.

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