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A Terminally Ill Dog Gets To Fulfill His Bucket List Thanks To His Amazing Owner.

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Riina Cooke got the news that her boxer named Romeo was diagnosed with inoperable bone cancer. So, she did what anyone who loves their best friend would do, made a bucket list for their furry family member.

The Canadian dog got the opportunity to indulge in the things most dogs will never get the chance to do, and you can tell he’s loving every moment of it!

Romeo gets a “pawdicure”Dying Dogs Bucket List

A day out with his owner Jon Cooke…Dying Dogs Bucket List

Being the firehouse dog for the day.Dying Dogs Bucket List

And patrol pup!Dying Dogs Bucket List

With his other owner Riina Cooke.Dying Dogs Bucket List

And, of course, eating a cheeseburger!Dying Dogs Bucket List

For more about Romeo’s Bucket List, here is the Facebook page dedicated to the life of a wonderful canine.

Source: Huffington Post

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